Maths Day

It was Maths day on Monday 9th June. All of Year 3 and 4 met up in the sports hall at lesson 3 and 4. In the sports hall there were lots of activities. My group was called ‘Forgotten it!’ and Ed’s was called the ‘Weirdoes’.  There was a story about Rodger Rabbit and we had to find all the maths words in the story!! There were also some hard jigsaw puzzles, an estimating table and a problem solving table. Then we had to find 15 numbers scattered round the school grounds!!! Maths day was really fun and we think everyone enjoyed them selves. 


 = 1- 2 x  3  %  4 £ 5  (6 )  7 < 8 > 9 ?  10  =]


By Andrew Easton and Edward Mendola     4W

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