Poetry in Year 4

Year 4 have jsut started a three week unit on poetry and to get us warmed up we wrote a list poem about what our dreams could be made of.

Our Class List Poem
An exciting clown dreams of juggling and getting first prize
A lion dreams of beef and water
A puppy dreams of bones and kittens
A dog dreams of chasing cats
A dog dreams of chicken and beef
A rugby player dreams of scoring and tackling
A guinea pig dreams of carrots
A cat dreams of chasing some rats
A panther dreams of fresh juicy meat
A bayblade dreams of destroying a battle field
A cute puppy dreams of juicy bones and meat
A dinosaur dreams of humans to gobble up
A frog dreams of an open pond
A mouse dreams of scaring elephants
A cricket player dreams of scoring a six
A puppy dreams of a white bone
A boring waiter dreams of a huge tip

Please come and see our poetry display in the class room.
Mrs Wade

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