Students with headteacher

Spun Candy

13th December 2017

Year 4 were lucky enough to visit Spun Candy in London, on Friday 8th December. All the pupils were able to find out the history and Science behind the candy making process, before making some of their very own candy lollipops. Great fun was had by all and according to the Year 4, it was the best trip ever!

Pippa and Ruby

Our day at Spun Candy was amazing from start to finish. They mostly made lollipops in lots of different shapes and we liked making the lollipops for ourselves. We also did a quiz all about candy.

Jessica and Zara

We had a fantastic day at the Spun Candy factory. We want to thank them for telling us how to make lollipops. They look and taste fantastic!

Ivy May and Sophie

We made sweet lollipops and they were amazing. We did a quiz and tasted some sour sweets. All of us made our candy, maybe me and Sophie might be sweet makers! It was an amazing day!

Arun and John

Spun Candy thank you for showing how to make confectionary! We had a great time and we would like to come back again as we love your sweets! Our favourite thing was making the sweets, they were yummy. We learnt lots of information too!