Trip to Fishbourne Roman Palace

Valentines Day saw Year 4 travelling to Chcihester for a day out at Fishbourne Roman Palace. Head of History David Jenkins accompanied them for this exciting day along with their form teachers and Miss Carter. On arrival the children had a workshop on the Romans and Celts – this was lots of hands on activites such as weaving sticks to make wattle fencing, spinning wool, writing in Latin with a quill, comparing the two different types of housing, building a bridge, making mosaics, brass rubbing a Celtic harness and drawing woad patterns on a Celtic warrior. Emily was dressed as a Celtic kitchen maid and Charlie was dressed as a Roman prince with a beautiful toga. We then watched a film about the discovery of the palace followed by packed lunches and a quick play on the mounds. In the afternoon we walked around the museum and gardens – looking at the floor mosaics and discovering what the gardener was doing in his shed. The children imagined they were having a feast in the outdooor dining area and finally spent their pennies in the gift shop. A great day was had by all!

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