Students with headteacher

Visiting Lancing College Farm

8th May 2016

Year 4 visited Lancing College as part of their habitats and living things Science topic. They were able to explore the land and different habitats at Lancing, and were even lucky enough to handle lambs, baby turkeys/chickens and rabbits, as well as viewing different animals.

My favourite thing was touching the lamb. I learnt you eat small pigs, not big pigs! Nicholas C

My favourite thing was when we stroked the sheep and rabbit, I learnt that an adult pig weighed 250kg and a baby pig weighed 40kg and you eat baby pigs. Gabi

I learnt a lot about farm life and habitats. My favourite subject was about the hedges and pollination. I found it interesting how the bees pollinate. Eva

I loved stroking the animals they were adorable. My favourite thing was looking at the badger trail. This trail was fascinating! Amelie

My favourite thing was stroking the lamb. I really like it because the fur is as soft as my teddy bear. Luke N