Today we saw dogs for the deaf. Jazz the dog came in with Mr and Mrs Robinson. Mrs Robinson was deaf and needed Jazz for lots of different things. My favourite bit was when jazz heard the fire alarm she would jump up and then sit down to show danger. It was excellent! Anna H

Jazz was the smartest dog I know! She’s so cute and quite small. Ted

Jazz the dog came to see us. The most amazing thing about her was that she was a dog for the deaf. Sue is Jazzs owner and she was deaf but jazz alerted her to the sounds. Jazz was a cross breed between a cocker spaniel and a poodle, which means she’s a cockapoo. Jasmine

The dog will go to the owner and the owner will say ‘What is it?’ and the dog will take the owner to that sound. It will take 12 months to train the dog. These dogs can save people’s lives! Tianna