Students with headteacher

Year 4 visit London Zoo

29th September 2018

Year 4 visited London Zoo on Thursday 27th September as part of their Science topic, teeth and digestion. The sun was shining and everyone had a great time, including lions and tigers who were doing a spot of sunbathing and the penguins who were water flying! Here is what some of the Year 4’s thought of the afternoon;

We went to London Zoo and it was great! I saw loads of animals like tigers, lions, camels and lots more. My favourite animal was the tiger! After we saw the animals we learnt about animal skeletons and teeth it was fun! I liked London Zoo and I want to go back! Noah

I enjoyed the workshop because it was very interesting. We looked at big and small bones and skulls and tried to work out what animal it was. We weighed them and measured them and looked at their teeth. Franklin

My favourite animal was the warthog because it had huge horns. We went to the Education Centre where we saw teeth. My favourite tooth was a canine and my favourite skull we looked at was a crocodile. Rohan

My favourite part was seeing the baby monkeys eat! We learnt that the Zoo saved lots of animals including tigers because they were almost extinct but they found a girl and boy and soon enough they had cubs. Now they have a chance of not being extinct! Some people said that the colossal gorilla looked like a rugby player and it did. That was funny! Maryam