Year 4 visited Blades Biological on Thursday to do a spot of pond dipping, with Meet taking the dipping a bit to far, ending up in one of the ponds! During the morning great fun was had by all, with everyone catching something, whether it was tadpoles, fish, dragonfly larvae, snails, water boatman, pond skaters and Meets, with it being the best year for ‘newt catching’ to date! After the pond dipping the pupils were also lucky to see some other animals including a slow worm, corn snake, gecko, locusts, cockroaches and giant African land snails! Everyone had a great morning, including Pippin the dog who joined in too with Year 4! Here are some of the Year 4’s favourite things from the morning;

“I very much enjoyed the morning especially the part where I found the newt but didn’t quite catch it, as it was quick!” Pippa

“I loved playing with the toads, catching newts and all the other animals.” Jemima

“I liked looking at the crayfish and the toads.” Bella

“My favourite bit was trying to catch the animals, holding the newts and meeting all the animals at the end. All the animals were nice but my favourite was the toads and Pippin the dog!” Talia

“My favourite bit was when I saw the bird of prey and when Alexander caught the great crested newt.” Anna

“My favourite part was when I got to hold the newts and when we got to see the giant African land snails. I caught 3 newts, 6 Pond skaters and 2 dragonfly larvae. It was so much fun!” Tianna