Students with headteacher

Year 4’s visit to Lancing College Farm

17th May 2019

On Thursday 16 May, Year 4 visited Lancing College Farm. They had a talk and short walk about habitats before meeting some of the animals including cereal the pig.

Oliver – I loved the pigs and the whole farm. They were kind to the animals.

Connie – I learnt that some people think farmers are rich but they are not. All their money is in the farm.

Roman – I learnt that hedges are a habitat and are important on farms. They take 5 years to grow at least! I liked everything about the trip!

Amelie – I learnt all about the farm, habitats and different crops. We then learnt about pigs, lambs and poultry. My favourite animal were the pigs. Did you know that pigs can’t sweat!