5SB have just started a new topic in Science. This topic    covers growing up. As part of it we have been looking at how babies develop in the mother’s womb. During the course of our lesson, we looked at various videos and discussed what we had seen. However understanding and appreciating what is going on inside a woman during pregnancy can be hard to visualize.

In order to help the children visualize what this looked like, we used an Oculus Rift Virtual reality headset to take the children literally into the womb.

The “Oculus Experience” enabled the children to witness first hand the development process from the initial race of sperm to the ovary, to cell division and onto a developed baby.

They also used the Oculus to test out how smells, tastes and sounds that a baby might hear, see and taste in the womb would effect the unborn baby.

“Are there any other experiences we will get to see in the future” was the question on most lips by the end.