Academic Topic Lists for Year 5 Autumn Term 08

Please find below a brief list of the topics that your child will cover in the Autumn term. The list is by no means set in stone but I hope it will give you some idea as to what is being covered.

  • English: Speaking and Listening. Comprehension. Creative writing. Reading Grammar. Punctuation. Spelling and Vocabulary. Handwriting. Dictation.
    Class Reader: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis.The Borrowers by Mary Norton.
  • Maths: Add, multiply, divide, subtract, fractions, decimals, 2D shapes, measure, estimation, special numbers, inequalities, product, sum, area averages and perimeter.
  • Science: Healthy lifestyles. Changes of state.
  • French: Greeting people in French Introducing yourself Simple classroom vocabulary. Talking about where you live Numbers 1-70 Talking about your family & home. Introduction to the verb “être” Animals  Colours Adjectival agreement Introduction to the verb “avoir”
  • Geography: Water processes. River Danube and River Tyne. Coastlines and the problems of coastal management. Settlement and services.
  • History:  The Tudors: Henry VII takes control.  Henry VIII. Youth, appearance and hobbies. The Six wives of Henry VIII.
  • R.E: David. Sikhism
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