Dear Parents

I would like to remind you about and encourage you to attend a talk by Murray Letham on Tuesday 30th January at 6.30pm. Murray is an excellent speaker with a wealth of knowledge about a truly frightening aspect of parenting in the 21st century; your children (if in Years 5 to 8) will have had a talk from him earlier in the day.

Murray is a retired Police officer. His career began in the slums of Glasgow’s east end in the early seventies and ended in Kent in 2007. He specialised in Child Protection as a detective and in particular, interviewing child victims of crime and then their offenders. He dealt with his first child abuse case in 1976, but after the turn of the century the children were often the victims of online attacks. He developed an extensive knowledge of how the net could be used by criminals to target children and move images, information and money around the world. He has dealt with offenders operating from almost every continent of the world. Now, he has produced presentations on the subject of internet safety with the target audience ranging from Year 5 children through to Parents and Staff. There is a common theme throughout; he believes the internet is a wonderful resource which children need to be able to access. The child who is excluded from the net is handicapped in today’s world. They must however, be equipped with the skills to navigate safely around the internet, recognise where and when they are straying into dangerous territory and where to find help when they need it.

I cannot recommend this talk highly enough so I hope you will join us.