Global Experiment

Science has started the term with much enthusiasm from students and teachers alike.

Year 6 have already learned how to use a microscope and made some excellent slides using onions and Iodine. Most students managed to do this without staining themselves!!! Year 5 have started their science skills and this week are learning how to light Bunsen burners. Year 7 are looking at Nutrient cycles and Photosynthesis and Year 8 burning metals in air and pure Oxygen! Stem club has begun and we are taking part in the RSC’s global experiment where we are looking at Hydrogels, doing experiments and sending the data to the RSC along with other schools from across the world…truly a giant experiment. We will soon have photo’s of the students in their lab coats working on their scientific skills in class.

Later in the term Year 7 will be going to the Royal Observatory in Greenwich to take part in a day’s activities as we start our work on space.

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