A New Topic for Year 5

Year 5 have begun a new topic; the daily routine.

Although they will all have vocabulary sheets stuck in their books they can also access it on the French page.
The new vocabulary can be practised on Linguascope although there will be words on there that will not have been covered yet.

The new vocabulary is;

Ma routine

Je me réveille – I wake up
Je me lève – I get up
Je m’habille –I get dressed
Je me brosse les dents – I brush my teeth
Je vais au collège – I go to school
Je quitte la maison –I leave the house
Je prendre le petit déjeuner –i have breakfast
Je me douche – I have a shower

Se réveiller – to wake up
Se lever – to get up
S’habiller – to get dressed
Se doucher – to have a shower
Se brosser les dents – to brush one’s teeth.
Se laver – to get washed

Quitter la maison. – to leave the house
Prendre le petit déjeuner. To have breakfast
Aller au collège. To go to school

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