Our trip to Wakehurst Place

Our Year 5 trip to Wakehurst Place was amazing!  When we arrived there, we split up into 2 groups, 5DJ and 5LD.  My group, 5DJ went down to the mansion, and were given a talk through how seeds germinate.  5DJ were then split up into 2 groups and we set off on a seed trail with one of the Wakehurst Place teachers.  My group was with Mr Miles, and we looked at lots of different trees and how they disperse their seeds, and we saw one tree that dispersed its seeds by birds eating the seed, then flying off elsewhere and excreting the seeds somewhere else so that the seeds germinate away from each other, not all squashed up together.

We went past thte lake and saw all the ducks, geese, mallards and lots of little ducklings.  After that, we went and had a lunch of cheese rolls, kit kat chunkys, crisps, orange juice and fruit.  While we were eating, the ducks kept coming up for food!

When we had finished our lunch, we went off and made our own made-up flowers on the floor with bits of petals, twigs, leaves, fur-cones, bark, and all sorts of other things belonging to nature.  My group was with Chloe and Micki, and we called our flower the Chloegeorgiemicko!  And it was germinated by little mice running up to get the sweet smelling petals, and the pollen sticking to its fur so that when he goes away, he will rub off the pollen on a different flower.

Then we went into the mansion again and a nice lady gave us a talk through why we wouldn’t be here if there were no plants.  We wouldn’t have any food, the inspiration of flowers, no clothes, no wood, no fruit/vegetables, and most importantly, no oxygen!  Then, my group went into the lab, where we dissected a flower under a micro-scope and it was amazing!  We saw every single nectar grain and every single miniscule bug, parasite and insect.

It was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait to go to Wakehurst Place again!

Report by Georgina Guest


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