Students with headteacher

Sumdog Success

23rd March 2018

This week, Mr Bullock and Mrs Litchfield’s maths classes have been fighting it out for this month’s Sumdog Maths competition. The competition is for the whole of West Sussex and has over 290 classes enter.

For most of the week, Mrs Litchfield’s class had been leading the way, but a last ditch rally by Mr Bullock’s class left them in 7th Place overall. Mrs Litchfield’s class losing a couple of places late on to end a respectful 12th.

Tuesday was an especially good day for Mr Bullock’s class where they managed to win class of the day by scoring the most points out of all 293 classes that day. (292 points in one day)

Special mention should go to Toby who managed to end up 48th best scoring student out of the 2000+ children who entered.

It was a great race between the two classes and the children are all looking forward to the next national competition when we get back from the Easter holidays.