U10A Netball v Hurst – Lost 17-3

Hurst won the first centre pass and it looked like both teams were equally matched. Hurst scored two in the first quarter and Katie was able to score one too.

In the second quarter Copthorne put up a good fight and there was some great defending from Neve and Amelia and as a result the score was 5 -3 with Ella D and Katie scoring a further two.

Unfortunately by the third and final quarters Hurst strode ahead; their passing and catching were too strong for our girls. Unfortunately we did not use our centre passes to our advantage and as a result we didn’t have as many opportunities to shoot as we had had in the first two quarters. Our spacing too made us vulnerable.

So we have much to work on as a team. Our passing needs to be slicker and we need to work on our defending skills and general stamina.

We have a great opportunity to form a solid team going forward, so girls learn from this and use the games session to learn and practise so that we are ready for our next match against Notre Dame.  LD

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