Year 5 French Vocabulary Test

Bonjour year 5.
Over the last few weeks we have been covering the topics of breakfast and rooms in the house. As we are close to starting a new topic it is time for our vocabulary test.
I will be going over this in class but just in case you are not in school or in the lesson this is what you need to learn.
La chambre The bedroom
La cuisine The kitchen
Le jardin The garden
La maison The house
La pièce The room
La salle à manger The dining room
La salle de bains The bathroom
Le salon The sitting room
Le beurre butter
Le café coffee
Le chocolat chaud Hot chocolate
La confiture Jam
Le croissant croissant
Le pain bread
Le petit déjeuner breakfast
Le thé tea
Aimer To like
arriver To arrive
donner To give
écouter To listen
manger To eat
habiter To live

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