Year 5s visit Hever Castle

On Thursday 19th May the Year 5s visited Hever Castle, childhood home of Anne Boleyn.  Here are some of their thoughts on the trip:

First Impressions

“When we got there, the castle was very enchanting, we saw the ducks on the moat and the flowers were in bloom.”  Ella

The Grounds

“We were taken into the Yew maze.  We went in pairs and Georgina and I came first in our group.  One girl got lost in the maze, and Miss Butler had to help her out.”  Prisha

“Mr Jenkins told us to look out for the World War Two pill boxes… we found our first one and we all wondered whether we would be able to go inside it.”  Lucy

I got lost so many times in the Yew Maze, but eventually found my way to the exit.”  Matthew E

“My group went into the water maze which was great fun and most of us were drenched… Chloe even dropped her shoe into the water.”  Ben V

“I have saved the best for last… the water maze!  If you stepped on the wrong stone you got wet!”  Daniel


“When we were eating lunch, all the ducks and doves came and tried to eat my crisps.”   Freya

“Then we had lunch and a duck bit by finger and ate my crisps.”  Daniel

Humans verses ducks and it looked like the ducks were winning.  They stole Alex’s sandwich.”  Ella

History of the Castle

“At one point Hever Castle got flooded and the water level went up to my waist.”  Freya

“The castle is filled with giant tapestries… there is a little secret room where the Catholics that lived there used to pray in Elizabethan times.  Anne Boleyn’s bedroom was a lot smaller than I had expected.”  Alessandro

“Can you believe it that one of the family members who once owned Hever was killed on the Titanic?”  Prisha

“I was amazed at how big the tapestry was and thrilled at the fact that all the different colours were woven from coloured thread.”  Ben V

“We saw all the terrible torture instruments that were used on traitors.”  Georgina

“We saw a collection of scolds and bridles which were worn by women who gossiped too much.”  Prisha

“It’s actually quite fascinating that you could be stepping where Henry VIII stepped more than 500 years ago!”

“When Henry went to Hever he was so scared of people plotting to kill him, he would bring his own locks.”  Oliver

Time to go

“Then we had to go.  It was sad because I wanted to stay there longer.”  Ella

“It was sensational and amazing and I would definitely go there again.”  Alejandra

“I loved the whole trip so thank you very much for taking us.”  Zak

“I loved our school trip, because I learned a lot of facts and had fun in the mazes.  I will definitely be visiting Hever again!”  Prisha



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