A typical Year 6 week starts with a fifteen minute registration followed by chapel where Mr Jones or an invited guest talk to the school. This week Mr Jones talked about the importance of being kind to each other especially when we communicate with one another.

Year 6 enjoy a wide curriculum including DT and Home Economics which this week produced some delicious blueberry muffins. Sport is big at Copthorne and every Year 6 pupil who was able to take part, played for the school in either football or hockey.

Music is also an important part of Year 6’s week as many of them play a musical instrument as well as being part of the senior choir who practise on Monday lunchtimes. Latin is also part of some of the Year 6’s extra activities.

Lunch time is a time were tutors can catch up with their forms and both Mrs Dodson and Mr Carrick enjoy sitting down with everyone and chat about the day. By the end of the week most of us are quite exhausted from such a fun filled week however come the Monday we are all ready to do it again.