Academic Topic Lists for Year 6 Autumn Term 08

Please find below a brief list of the topics that your child will cover in the Autumn The list is by no means set in stone but I hope it will give you some idea as to what is being covered.

  • English: 
    Comprehension: Reading for meaning; reasoning and analysis; genre range: fantasy stories; descriptive poems; evaluative writing.
    Composition: syntax, punctuation, grammar, writing range; diaries and recounts, journalistic writing; reviews; fantasy poems; discussion texts.
    Communication: speaking and listening; group discussion and debate; drama: hot seating and role play from class reader; multimedia skills: book promotion project (using Skellig)
    Classreader for term: Skellig by David Almond.   
  • Maths: Fractions, 2D and 3D shapes, averages, decimals, negative numbers, angles, percentages, circles and co-ordinates.
  • Science: Classifying materials. Forces. Life processes and living things, classification.
  • French: Dates, numbers, prices. Verbs Acheter, Vouloir Pouvoir. Descriptions, clothes and adjectives.
  • Geography: What is Geography and how do we study it? Weather and Climate.
  • History: England before 1066, death of Edward the Confessor and the 3 claimants to the throne. Harold Godwinson and the Battle of Stamford Bridge with the Vikings. Events leading to the Battle of Hastings. The Battle of Hastings.
  • R.E: Worship in different religions. Miracles.

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