Students with headteacher

Chinese New Year in London

14th February 2019

Over the weekend, some of our borders went to London to see the Chinese New Year celebrations in China Town! There was also an opportunity to explore more of London – we were even able to walk down the middle of Pall Mall as no traffic was allowed which was amazing!

“Hi guys, I am Bryan Pang and I had the best weekend in London last weekend. I went to China Town in London to celebrate Chinese New Year. It was so awesome and epic. We saw the parade and ate Chinese traditional food. We went to the Lego store to buy some New Year Lego too. I loved our day out.”

“Hello, I am Cayden Ho and I am a border from Copthorne Prep School. I will show you what I did at this weekend. We went to London China Town to celebrate Chinese New Year. We saw some people were dancing and singing and they sang quite good too! After that, we went to have some Chinese food for lunch, but some of the people didn’t know how to use chop- sticks, so Bryan and I taught them. Finally, we went to the Lego Shop – there was some Chinese New Year Lego too! Bryan and I bought some Lego. Happy Chinese New Year!”