On Tuesday, Year 6 and Year 8 Latinists went to visit Fishbourne Palace near Chichester. Despite the rain and cold pupils were in good spirits to learn all about the palace and Roman life at that time. They learnt how the palace was accidentally found  in 1960 and Felix even met and had a lengthy conversation with one of the original archaeological students. Pupils were amazed by the mosaic floors and the underfloor heating that was built at that time. However the main attraction was the workshop where pupils learnt what it was like to be a roman slave and the sorts of activities the Roman would have done in their leisure time. Pupils found out and had a go at making flour using a wheel grinder as well as what Romans would have grown in their kitchen garden. Two of our pupils were even promoted to prince and princess and were accordingly dressed! The Romans even had their own oyster farm at Fishbourne so pearls were very accessible for the ladies of the palace.

All in all a great day and a wonderful way for those who do Latin to see a bit of the history and culture around the subject.