So! How were the exams for your child? How did they cope? What were the best ways you found to support them?

They will have received some feedback and results by now. What do they do with that information? What do you do with that information?

Hi … my name is Jenny Tower and I am a ‘Life Coach in Residence’ for one day a week at Copthorne Prep.

The week before the Exams, Year 6, 7 & 8 spent their Thursday assembly looking at how to best prepare their mind and body for Exams. We looked at the ‘stress response’ and what cortisol and serotonin do to the body. In order to ‘jump into serotonin’, the students practiced 3 techniques:

  • Changing their language to “can-do” language. Noticing and flipping negatives.
  • Breathing: noticing the ‘parts of the breath’ to induce a relaxation state.
  • Positive exam visualisation: making a positive movie in their heads, starting the night before the exam – helping to direct their attention to what they want to happen.

I wondered if you noticed your child using these techniques?

I wonder if it made any difference?

If you have any questions about Life Coaching at Copthorne Prep, please feel free to contact me: