Students with headteacher

SCHOOL EXAMS – Years 6-8 

6th November 2015

Formal school exams take place for children in Years 6, 7 & 8 next week. For Year 6 children, this is their first real foray into formal exams, taken in an exam room in silence, with an invigilator, so whilst a certain amount of revision is always helpful, we certainly do not want children (and parents) stressing out too much.

For Year 7 children, these exams do have more significance, so I hope that some revision has been taking place since half term. For Year 8 children, these exams will be of varying importance depending on the timing of Senior School entry tests. Caterham/Reigate/Christ’s Hospital/Dunottar candidates should be well prepared for Maths and English exams, but possibly less well prepared for other subjects. Year 7 & 8 children will have exams again next term, and Year 6 children sit formal exams again in the summer term. Learning support lessons will not take place during exams!