Students with headteacher

Snowman Ballet

11th December 2019

The Snowman Ballet by Eloise P-following the Year 6 outing

The Snowman Ballet was a wonderful production! All the dancers were concentrated but you could see that they were also having fun with it.

The very beginning was when the little boy got out of bed, he went over to the window, opened it up and discovered it was snowing. He then got dressed but fell over whilst trying to get his trousers on! After that he ran downstairs where his mum was cooking breakfast as his dad just walked in from his bedroom. The little boy sat down on the chair, ate breakfast and watched tv. He finished his breakfast and got dressed to go outside.

A little while later and he had made the Snowman, but it was time for bed. That is when the Snowman awoke. That was when the real ballet begun.

A little while later, everyone was just so happy until a man, who I think was the Ice King, came and made the happiness turn into a fear, a fear of nothing but him. I was so worried because the Snowman and Ice King were fighting over a beautiful nutcracker who loved the Snowman, the fear was unreal until everyone else including Santa came along and helped the Snowman defeat the Ice King and they did, in the end they made the Ice King turn into a slave of Santa’s!

It was time to go home and go to sleep, and the Snowman took him just there.

It was day and the boy was anxious to see if the Snowman was still there, but he had already melted. All the little boy had to remember him was a little scarf, hat, and a carrot from the nose.

My overall favourite part was when they started flying in the air with the song that said they were walking in the air, I could sense the energy from all the people in the room.