Year 6

15th November 2021

On the 11th November, Year 6 went to Elmer Sands and West Wittering on our geography field trip. We started with a treasure hunt to find and answer the questions on a sheet.
We met an inspiring man called Roger from Adur District Council. He talked to us as we walked (still doing the treasure hunt) about the flooding, and that was when Arun District Council knew they had to do something, so with the Environment Agency they thought of lots of ways to save the town.

On the beach we saw the rock islands that teams of engineers had made. Roger told us all about how the barges came in and out with all the shingle and huge rocks; he told us all about where they came from and that the same type of granite can be cut and polished using a diamond saw to be made into smart kitchen counters.

He also told us that the rock islands were built to try and stop the flooding. The engineers put shingle in the sea using a “rainbowing” technique to reduce the energy of the waves and they also put big rocks in the ocean to again stop the waves come in too strong.
To commemorate Remembrance Day, we held our own service on the beach. Darcy and Victor read the exhortation, the last post was played, then we held a 2-minute silence looking out to sea and reflecting on those lost in conflict.

Later, it was back on the minibuses to drive to West Wittering, to see East Head, which is a spit with a hook on the end and a salt marsh! We climbed a big dune and ran down it and we even got to see some Dune stabilisation, which is when they plant marram grass on the dunes to support it. After the spit, everyone had a play around on the beach and made slides, big holes and sand castles. After a long day of exploring we went back to school, tired, happy and very, very sandy.