Masks and gesture_On Thursday, a selection of year 6 students were invited to attend a Physical Theatre workshop at Hurst College, where the focus was to create a series of performances that focused on the students physicality. With little opportunity to use voice, the students explored a range of approaches that allowed them to communicate thoughts and feelings through gesture. Students were shown examples of physical theatre that included dance and were encouraged to create a short performance based on human emotions such as love, betrayal and anger. They were able to incorporate movements in unison and dance moves to effectively convey a convincing narrative. The students were also introduced to a concept called ‘animalism’ which encourages actors to consider animal-like qualities in a character, leading to some nervous and timid mice running from proud and powerful lions. Later on in the day, the students enjoyed using masks to transform themselves into character, with some hilarious and impressive results! At the end of the day, the students collaborated in creating an incredibly moving representation of the migration of Afghan refugees, where they were able to showcase all that they had explored during the day. It was a wonderful, creative day!

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