Year 6 Maths Challenge at Eagle House School

On the 1st February 4 year 6 pupils attended a maths challenge against 40 other schools.

We went to Eagle House School and went into a big hall. We sat down and the papers were handed out. We did a Mental math paper, a few count downs and at the end we had a sort of quiz. We had a fun afternoon.Overall it was fun and the journey was worthwhile. George Kapff

We were feeling very excited for this maths challenge and once we arrived at Eagle House school we were all very determined and ready to start. Once we sat down at our tables we found out that there were 3 parts to the maths challenge they were; Countdown, mental maths and The Big Event. They all consisted of around 20 questions and we had to run up and down to the marker to get our results we all had a lot of fun and worked really hard ! There were lots of children there who all had a big interest in maths and it was fun to see everyone’s enthusiasm. It had all been a great experience for us. Sofia Yousif

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