Year 6 Maths Challenge at Eagle House

Me, Joe, Veronica and Thomas went to Eagle House School and did some hard maths! First we did mental maths which was quite easy, second we did countdown which was one of the hardest. Finally we did the big event which was the hardest of all! We only answered about 6. In the end we did a puzzle game which was fun and I have to say it was the funnest maths ever !!!
Oscar Waite

I went to the Maths Challenge along with 3 other boys; Thomas, Oscar and Jo. We were put in pairs and I was with Oscar. The first challenge was a mental one, the man read out the questions and we had to choose an answer. Next we had countdown, we had to answer it then go up and get it marked, you could also get bonuses. Last challenge was called the ‘big event’ , you went up and got the first question, you were not allowed to go onto the next question until you got it right, but if you were really stuck you could pass it.
Veronica Williamson
My name is Thomas Wiggins and I have been lucky enough to be chosen for the Maths Challenge at Eagle House School. I was paired with Joseph Lloyd and the other team from our school was Oscar and Veronica. On the way to the challenge I ate 2 Boost bars! And three more on the way back . When we walked into the hall it was packed with about 40 schools, we sat next to two children from Eagle House. At the end Joseph and I were 14th place which made us very happy.
Thomas Wiggins
At the Maths Challenge there was a Mental Maths quiz to start then countdown, then the big event where you were given a question and every time you got one right you got another one up to 20.                                                                Joseph Lloyd


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