Year 6 trip to Herstmonceux

On Friday at 9am year 6 set off for the science centre at Herstmonceux Castle. After a steady drive through leafy Sussex we arrived at the Centre and its 5 green domes that housed the Royal Observatory telescopes for 40 years.

The day was all ‘hands on’. After a brief introduction from the Centres excellent staff we split into our groups and explored the interactive exhibitions including the water park. Each group had a bridge building session which they then tested by walking over it, It certainly tested their team work! Luckily the bridges were constructed well and all crossed them safely. The show in the dome was entertaining and culminated in a teacher sandwich (Mrs Harris has quite recovered) and Harry sitting on a chair of nails! He is slightly dented by not broken!! The show was exploring Newton’s 3 laws of motion and was enjoyed by all even though it kept being interrupted by the ducks wandering in to see if there was any food.

After a quick visit to the shop (Mrs Coppin is now becoming an expert in untangling Newton’s cradles) we gathered together to get back on the mini buses for our trip home. A fun and informative day was had by all, and it is certainly a place that is worth a visit.

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