Lifecoach News

Year 7 Personality Profiling Project is currently looking at “Me at my NOT best”… i.e. me at my worst, my most unattractive, when I like myself least (and possibly others do too!)……..”Catchy little upbeat coaching session” you must be thinking?

Using the idea of ‘strengths overused can become a weakness’, and the concept of ‘blind-spots’ (what others know about you, but you don’t), students look at their ‘lead style’ and imagine ‘how’ they are when they are ‘not at their best’.

For students this age, introducing the idea that they might think/feel they are ‘at their best’ (….maybe even ‘on-fire’!) it can be a revelation that other personality styles might beg to differ. For example, a more extrovert style might feel they are doing really well by upbeat talking, talking, talking, but an introvert style might just want some peace and quiet. It is a question of perspective.

Through a discussion of all of this, the intention is that students start to appreciate that:

  • No one is perfect. It is our imperfections that   make us so interesting, valuable and individual.
  • We are all different and that is a good thing.
  • What seems ok to me might be problematic for someone else – it is a question of perspective and different personality preferences. We can learn to be sensitive of others in our relationships (at work, at home, at school, in sport etc).
  • Not being at our best is ok, so long as we try to manage ourselves and learn from these moments.
  • We can change behaviour patterns once we are aware.
  • Being aware and noticing – self awareness – is extremely useful. We can set goals to achieve this.

As usual, your children continue to inspire me, make me laugh and make me quite emotional at times, as we navigate these topics, on a one-2-one basis.