Academic Topic Lists for Year 7 Autumn Term 08

  • English: Comprehension: Reading for meaning; reasoning and analysis; genre range: traditional/contemporary war poetry; recounts and diaries of war; play script; classic fiction; non-fictional excerpts for CE practice.
    Composition: syntax, punctuation, grammar, writing range; diaries and recounts, poetry in early/late styles; play scripts; literary essays for CE.
    Communication: speaking and listening; group discussion and debate; drama: scenes from play script; dramatic performances from war poems; multimedia skills: Power Point presentations on was poets.
    Class-reader for term: Voices of the Great War edited by Geoff Barton Journey’s End by R C Sherriff
  • Maths: Fractions, number, angles, algebra, shapes, ratio, negative numbers, decimals, circles, co-ordinates.
  • Science: Light and sound. Energy and conservation. Electricity and magnetism. Earth and beyond. Forces.
  • French: Identifying French shops Talking about food Saying how much food you want to buy Talking about money, numbers and prices Using the verbs “acheter”, “préférer”, “vendre” and “choisir” Saying there isn’t any of something Saying there isn’t any more of something Talking about different countries Talking about different means of transport Using prepositions with towns and countries.
  • Geography: Map skills. References, measuring a distance. Map interpretation. Cross sections. Weathering. The processes of erosion.
  • History: King John and the Magna Carta. Henry III and Simon de Montfort The early parliament. Edward I: trouble with Wales..
  • R.E: Women in the Bible. The creation. Justice.
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