G&T trip to the Excel Centre

Andy Easton:

On Friday 11th March we went to the Excel Centre in London to go to the Big Bang Fair. Firstly we went to see a sow called ‘The Secret Life of Robots’. This was very good, it mainly talked about UAVs and people from the RAF and BAE systems came and talked to us about ways to improve UAVs like using 3600 cameras. We even had a live mini UAV flight and we also saw the first plane not to have flaps on the wings.

After that we went to the main hall to see the stalls. This was very fun as there were loads of things to do. My favourite stalls were ‘Make your own snot’ and the ‘Exomars Mission’. Next we went to watch Bang Goes the Theory live. I was really looking forward to this as I watch the  shows on TV> The presenters fif loads , some of which were making glue from boiled sweets that was so strong you could hang from it, making different coloured flames from burning different metals and even climbing a wall using vacuum pads. This was my favourite part of the day. Lastly we went to the careers section. My favourite thing here was a devolutioniser where you took a picture of yourself and put it into a computer and it made you look like what you would have millions of years ago!

Abigail Ratoff:

When we arrived at the Excel Centre we were greeted by a guide who was going to show us around. First e headed upstairs to see the first shopw ‘The secret life of Robots’ by BAE systems. It was really interesting – it taught us how the RAF can use robots to improve their piloting skills. They used some really cool robots that can make controlling the plane, watching what’s around and overall flying easier. Next we went to the stalls, which had four sections, ‘Energise, The body’, ‘Go global’ and ‘The next factor’. We learnt a lot and it was really fun. We got to do loads of fun activities including making snot and  making lip balm.


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