Joe Ludlow, Form Captain

I am called Joe Ludlow, I am 11 years old and I live in Wivelsfield (just south of Haywards Heath.) I am at Copthorne Prep school which I think is a fantastic place to learn.


My hobbies:

I won’t make a really long list of all the things I like to do so here is my top three. Cricket, I absolutely adore the game, I play for Cuckfield and Sussex half county, also I like playing golf and football in Lindfield but cricket is my life.

My favourite subjects:

As you might have guessed I like sport! But I do have to study sometimes so I focus as                  hard as I can on all subjects, my favourites are maths and science (for the experiments!)

My family:

Some people say my family are nutters but I like them just the way they are!

They include my idiotically funny dad, my mum who thanks to me now understands nearly every sport in the world and is great! Last but not least my very crazy ( but cute.) dog called Maisy, always in the background are my grand parents because they just can’t keep up with me.

My targets:

1. To get into Tonbridge school for boys.

2. To score my first batting century and to play for Sussex. 

3. To be the best form captain I can!

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