Students with headteacher

Life Coaching At Copthorne Prep

18th November 2017

Hi – I am Jenny Tower and a Local Life Coach. 

In a past life I was a Director of Sport. I am still passionate about sport, teaching and learning. I work with a range of clients … adults, students and sportspeople. Please go to my website if you would like more information on my qualifications and approach: 

My work here at Copthorne is incredibly exciting. I have worked with the Year 7’s on understanding ‘behaviour’ and ‘personality’ and they all received a full DISC Profile report. Each of them attends a coaching session every half term and we work through the report – celebrating strengths and working on the occasional ‘blind-spot’! 

The topics that students bring ‘to the table’ are wide ranging: 

  • I want to concentrate more … 
  • I want to be more organised about homework and get it done on time … 
  • I’m feeling left-out/anxious/stressed about exams … 
  • I’ve fallen-out with my best friend … 
  • I get really angry …
  • etc. 

I help them to: 

Become more self-aware; 

  • Get focused on what they want (rather than what they don’t want!) 
  • Find out what is stopping them or holding them back; 
  • Help them to take action towards what they want. 

My work is not therapy work and is mostly future orientated – we focus on the outcome … and how to get there. The most common question I ask students is “… what would you like to have happen?” 

Year 7 & 8 Students are free to ask Mrs Lee if they want a Life Coaching session. Parents of Year 7 & 8 are welcome to request a session also. 

If you have any questions about Life Coaching at Copthorne Prep, please feel free to contact me: 

Virtual Open Day

Another Virtual Open Day!


Our next Virtual Open Day will take place on Saturday 3 October where we will share a link to an exclusive Open Morning page. The page will contain more information about our school and videos showing ‘A day in the Nursery/Pre-Prep/Prep School’.

Should you wish to speak to the Headmaster & Head of Pre-Prep in person, you are also invited for a 1:1 (socially distanced) chat at your convenience.

To book an appointment, or to register your place for the Virtual Open Day, please email our Registrar, Kathryn Billingham-West on