As I mentioned last week, Year 7 are looking at themselves, particularly when they are NOT at their best. Another way of describing this is ‘how your child behaves under pressure’.

‘Under Pressure’ is different for each personality/behavioural type. For example, some types love being asked to take charge and make decisions, whereas that would make other children go into melt-down/fight-and-flight! Some students would relish a public forum to talk and tell stories and others would wince and hide if they were asked to public speak.

We are all different and being aware of our pressure points/environments means we can set goals and take on our personality challenges…so that we can become more flexible in our behaviour and a better version of ourselves.

If you are interested, here is a selection of student comments when we discuss what they are like at their ‘not best’….. (do you recognise any in your child?)

  • I worry about things
  • I keep my emotions hidden – no one knows how I am feeling
  • I get over emotional and tell everyone how I am feeling
  • I bottle things up
  • I gossip
  • I don’t have an opinion
  • I worry about what other people might think
  • I withdraw. I go quiet
  • I avoid the issue completely – pretend it hasn’t happened!         Hope it goes away
  • I get really competitive
  • I blame others
  • I get super sensitive and upset
  • I get frustrated, irritated, angry
  • I talk too much
  • I get really picky and perfectionist and nothing is good enough – then I spend too long on homework and projects
  • I interrupt and shout out
  • I can’t say “no”
  • I get wound up with people going too slow
  • I forget to ask other people what they think/are interested in