So the year 7 students come to the end of phase II of their personality profile. They have been looking at ‘their strengths’ and what they like about themselves. In these sessions they choose words (behavioural traits) and are asked to give evidence and examples.

The process is quite valuable for a number of reasons:

  • Checking in with their thoughts and feelings
  • Acknowledging verbally/OUT LOUD what is great about them. The ‘stuff’ they can be proud of!
  • Giving their positive characteristics clarity and validation….do they really believe it?
  • Creating a useful resource for when these students go to interviews, whether their next school, university or their first job.

As I review this activity I can say with confidence that I have had some outstanding conversations with every student in year 7. At times I find their insight and sensitivity quite moving. This is the beauty of one-to-one work, without peer pressure.

Well done Year 7!