We learnt about a town with seven bridges, but you could not travel over all of them without retracing your steps or going over the same bridge twice. A traversable network is a network that has two or less odd nodes, and the rest have to be even nodes.. After lunch we went into our third activity, which was binary and Russian Multiplication. Binary is numbers that only use 0 and 1. We learnt how to convert binary numbers to decimals.. All too soon our last session ended and we came back to school in time for games!           Dylan

We went to our second activity. It was about patterns.. We had 1ps and 2ps and had to see how many ways we could make 1,2,3,4..etc. Then we had to make cubes with smaller connecting cubes. We had to find a pattern in that too.          Natalie

After a break I was learning about how binary works, which is how computers work and its just made up of 1s and 0s, we then learnt about the Russian peasant multiplication method which I thought was really cool and clever, but it takes a long time.. All in all I really enjoyed the whole day and would enjoy doing it again.          Will