Maths Enrichment at Ardingly College – Year 7

On Monday we took 8 of our most able year 7 Mathematicains to an enrichment day at Ardingly College. Here are a few of their comments

We had a series of maths activities, we went into three different classrooms. After 2 of these activities we had lunch. After lunch we had a maths relay. It was the best part of the day. The final activity was route puzzles.          Robert

We learnt about Russian multiplication and how the Russians used this during the war. Then we had a break and when we came back we did the Fibonacci sequence, it is when each subsequent number is the sum of the previous two. We also looked at the relationship between joined cubes and the number of faces showing.. Then we went to our third section and learnt about shapes that you can draw without taking your pencil off the paper, this is only possible if an odd number of lines is leading to two spots.          Alys

Firstly Nabil, Dylan and I went to a factorial and cube painting session. Factorial is written as an exclamation mark (!), four factorial (4!) is 4x3x2x1 which = 24… Finally we did binary, Russian and Chinese multiplication. It was my favourite one.          Robbie

I started on the bridges activity where you had to go over 7 bridges without going over any one twice. We then talked about nodes and networks and how many different routes each node had. We did the envelope puzzle where you had to draw an envelope without taking your pen off the paper. We then did Binary numbers, we then had to convert some numbers from decimal to binary. After this we had lunch, then we did a relay where you were in teams and had to answer questions right.. The team I was in won the relay.


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