Year 7 Climbing Experience

Prior to the Year 7 trip to Snowdonia we managed to organise an acclimatisation session on the climbing wall with our intrepid instructor Bryn. This was more to give the students an idea of how to adjust a harness as this saves so much time when you are in the mountains. Actually they spent the time abseiling in pairs down the tower which was a site to behold! Thankfully the tower has only suffered minor damage! Everyone had a go despite some concerned looks which is a big part of what this trip is all about. Obviously there is a lot of fun to be had but there is a more serious aspect which is partly working outside the normal comfort zone but it also involves a lot of teamwork. Inevitably there was a lot of banter this afternoon and I am sure that that aspect will continue throughout the week.

Don’t forget leaving 2pm approx on Sunday JC

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