Year 7 Team Building – quotes

I thoroughly enjoyed Blackland’s farm because it was a chance to stand up and forget the past. I really enjoyed activities such as Archery, Zip wire and especially Bungee jumping because everyone (including Mr Coulson) found it funny to put all the ropes on me and the instructor just left me dangling with everyone laughing! I really enjoyed ‘free time’ playing rounders and cricket because it was quite interesting to see everybody’s creative ideas and to see everybody having fun. Sleeping in tents was great fun because you could just chill out and talk; apart from when Mr Coulson heard us! I loved being with my mates.                                                                                                                       Morgan

At Blackland’s I found we worked better as a group than individuals, we communicated better than I thought we would. We were put into good groups; everyone was really encouraging to those who thought they couldn’t do something. For example when we went abseiling some people were terrified of heights. I am scared of heights but with the amount of encouragement I got I am no way near as scared as I was. In team building one group got nothing done because they were shouting at each other and the group that I was in all communicated as if we were having a chat. We took our time with the crate challenge, with Ted getting to 20 crates; without the encouragement I don’t think he would have done it. In Archery it was very competitive and also really fun, we all had a joke and a laugh but still concentrating with the task set. Overall I couldn’t have asked for a better place to communicate with your year group.                                                                          Amber

Our trip to Blackland’s farm brought us closer together, it gave us all a chance to experience other peoples; fears, weaknesses and strengths. When we went abseiling I realised just how much I was afraid of heights but I was encourage by everyone. I am surprised how well we worked as a team when we had a massive game of cops and robbers in the fields and the woods. We worked together to free each other, find hiding places and run away. I remember on the crate challenge when Ted was on his own and got to the ‘Health and Safety’ limit. He wouldn’t have done this without everyone’s support. I remember getting claustrophobic in the tunnels and Abi and Sarena both worked as a team to help me out. I had great fun at Blacklands and now know even more about my friends.                                                                                                                                                                        Francesca

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