Year 7 Team Building

At Blackland’s it was great fun; I learnt a lot about people. One thing is that Jamarl and I made a really good team in the crate challenge. The zip wire was fun but quite painful when it came to the wedgies! The tent was very hard to build but we did it with some help from the girls and we did get very wet when it started raining. Everyone had fun at Blackland’s doing activities and even the teachers had fun watching us doing the activities. Mr Coulson was the one cooking food for us on the the BBQ, everyone loved it. We had to brush our teeth and have a shower (which most didn’t!) and then go to sleep in our tents.                                                                                                                                                         Inder

When we went to Blacklands it was fun because you saw how your friends acted under pressure. I was in a tent with Harry, Morgan and Jamie. We did lots of challenges in different groups. I found that I worked better in a big group than small ones as you get more of a say. The best activity was the zip wire because it was fun. In free time we all played rounders in a group and some others played cricket. I think that our year group are now very close.                                                                                                                                                James D

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