Students with headteacher

Day 5 – A day on the Lake!

7th June 2018

Happy Birthday HR! We got up, rather sluggishly again this morning, to sunshine, but it has already started to cloud over.

KS still smiling with relief after finding his lost phone on the dune. It was literally like looking for a needle in a haystack so someone was obviously looking down on him. Apparently he is not so good with phones, having jumped into a swimming pool with his last one in his pocket!

HR still has a wobbly tooth – one already out and another very wobbly! Donald has offered to pull it out with the school pliers but very sensibly she is going to wait for nature to take its course! No news yet about La Tooth Fairy – Miss Penn dealt with it as Donald (quite wisely) did not think it was sensible to go into a tent full of sleeping girls. Perhaps the tooth fairy does not come to France!

HR now speaking to mum – you are only 13 once!

Boys still complaining they have sand everywhere and JTD even said that sand tastes gritty. A pearl of wisdom really!

Just started raining. Not torrential – only a few spots – the forecast is for sunshine this afternoon. One group are on the Pico’s all day. And the other kayaking is this morning and SUP this afternoon. Donald capsizes Pico’s easily – something to do with transferring the weight as you go about, and he had too much weight to shift into the right place at the right time. Last time he capsized he lost a very expensive pair of prescription specs, so may give it a miss today! Still more speech to put in the fire anyway!

Surgery open – blister plasters, throat sweets dispensed. Too much talking after lights out! Too much talking full stop from some girls!!


Some confusion over when we return to the UK? We leave the site after supper on Friday, and drive through the night to catch the early morning ferry from Calais on Saturday morning (0730). We arrive back at school at 1000 on Saturday, 9 June! Please don’t be late – although Donald loves your little darlings as much as his own, he will be ready to hand them back- but only after one last group photo to include Orianne this time!


The sun came out mid afternoon, and now there is hardly a cloud in the sky. Children have all returned. Not much wind for the Pico sailors but the SUP had a blast. JA victorious against Miss Penn although having wobbled her off, he subsequently fell on top of her!!!!

It is amazing how the sunshine cheers everyone up, although someone has annoyed JTD by spraying water through the window of his tent. Silly boy – Donald even had to get his angry voice out! No point in showering yet as the evening activity is the Rockley Challenge, that involved getting muddy, sandy and then wet, so showers afterwards!

Mrs D about to finish another book – apparently he dies in the end in this one, compared to the others when they usually get married in the end. Miss Penn has just finished a riveting book – where the Headmaster was the murderer! He must have been on a Rockley trip listening to very noisy Year 8 girls!!

Miss Penn and posse soaking up the rays!

Girls either sunbathing or chatting quietly (shouting) in tents. Boys running around spraying themselves with water! AM on the basketball court again – still scoring 3 pointers from everywhere. He really is very good – especially now they have raised the hoops to the standard 10 feet to stop the children hanging off the baskets as they slam dunk!

Donald had just discovered that EC has lost his specs in the lake!

Why did the man fall down the well? Because he couldn’t see that well! (An EC joke!)
What award did the scarecrow win? Outstanding in his field!

The Rockley Challenge involved teams of 5 negotiating a series of physical challenges including the pit of misery (dilly dilly), Hamburger Hill, the swim of shame, and culminated in the entire team having to dig a tunnel in the sand so that everyone could crawl under  kayak before racing to the finish line holding hands as a team!

The Rockley staff were impressed with the winning team who completed the course in a very fast time!

All showering now to freshen up before bed! Donald is also ready for bed – it is hard work watching the children run around like lunatics! Wasps nest found in the  boys tent. Brave Donald fought with the swarm, killed the queen, dislodged the nest with a broom and generally saved the day!

Wasps nest in the boys tent
Glenn from the other school brought back pizza that he shared with our girls!
Boys’ tan lines!
The winning Rockley Challenge Team
Ready for the Rockley Challenge!
Team diapers!
Paddle games to warm up!
Pico Sailors
Birthday Girl!
Hungry troops waiting for Mrs Tweedy’s chicken pie
Hannah’s Birthday cake
Miss Penn’s sunbathing posse has grown!
AA with a trendy top knot!
Tan lines – OMG AB