Another sunny/cloudy day in France. No porridge this morning so Donald had sugar puffs for the first time in years! Children all fed and juiced; some may even have brushed their teeth before “bike ability x2” and a leisurely cycle through the forest trails in search of an ice cream van. Donald back to “speech writing”.

Happy Birthday Mrs Jones!!!

Off Canadian canoeing this afternoon – the sun is still shining! RH and AW were playing basketball with the London boys – doing Copthorne proud!

EV still complaining about the cost of the ice cream when they went cycling. She paid 4 euros for some Ben and Jerry’s but everyone else was only charged 2.50. She is still cross 7 hours later!

The rain started gently at around 7.00pm but now it is persistent!!! Literally coming down heavily with odd bursts of thunder on top!

It didn’t stop the children ordering chips, pizza, ice cream or drinks all post supper after cottage pie and ice cream!!!! Donald is amazed at where these children put it – they must have hollow legs.

Weather zones bad that they have swapped evening entertainment from games (basketball, volleyball, table tennis etc) to a quiz – conducted undercover!

RH / AW are disappointed that Rockley have rescheduled the games night (in the rain) for a quiz (in the marquee) “It’s more funerer in the rain” it’s betterer in the rain”. Donald wonders who teaches these children English!!!