Art/Design Technology Day

Darcy Turner worked with Year 8 for the day. The children worked in groups to design and create their own wire sculptures.

Life Skills

On Monday the Year 8s were busy learning a couple of skills that might hold them in good stead in the very near future. They practised filling in an application form for when they are ready to earn a little pocket money and get themselves a part-time job. They learnt how to write a handwritten thank you letter as well as how to address an envelope – something a little bit different in this age of texting and instagrams! Most importantly they learnt how to sort out laundry, hang up washing, iron t shirts, shirts and skirts. Shoe cleaning and button sewing will come in handy especially before a job interview and knowing how to use the Underground map can also come in handy. Finally after a busy morning they all learnt how to make a proper cup of tea using tea leaves in a china teapot! Well done Year 8’s – you are now ready to conquer the world. (Mrs Dodson)

Leaver’s Walk

The leavers walk has always been seen as a mammoth challenge and this year was no different. 25 miles of countryside lies between our school and Ditchling and last Friday morning 24 Year 8’s together with 6 adults took on the challenge. The weather was on our side and we all set off in high spirits. Our first stop was at Ardingly reservoir where we were greeted by Mr Bone accompanied with refreshments and delicious snacks prepared by our lovely Karen.

As we headed towards Lindfield, the reality of the distance began to hit home as despite what many of the group thought we were still not half way through. After what seemed like ages despite Mrs Dodson’s ‘it’s only 20 minutes’ we finally arrived at Scaynes Hill – lunch at last. The second leg of the walk was soon underway and despite the need for pace some parts of the group had plenty of energy to drag what looked like tree logs for several miles. There was even a Cha Cha slide taking place en route. Despite tiredness and some pain we all persevered – although with a little help from the girls singing the songs from Mama Mia!

All the Year 8s finished with only 10 minutes between them -well done! So thank you everyone as I really enjoyed the day and I was very impressed with how you encouraged, supported each other and kept your spirits up. True Copthorne spirit!

Mrs Dodson

Fidelity Investments Challenge!

A fantastic experience at Fidelity Investments learning about stocks and shares. Year 8 were trading ferociously their virtual £100,000 with the ‘Honey Moneys’ victorious for now … !

Next week

Year 8’s programme is another busy one and will include going to the Houses of Parliament and the Globe Theatre as well as being taught combat techniques, solving “The Coptwig Murders” and hearing about Life in Senior Schools.