Graham Reid (wife of Caroline, a long serving ex-piano teacher at Copthorne) took Assembly on Monday on behalf of Gideon’s International, and presented all Year 8 leavers with their own copy of the New Testament.

Year 8’s also had a talk from Narconon – the Drug Awareness Charity, about the consequences of substance abuse. Peer pressure is the single most common reason why people take drugs, so understanding the effects (knowledge) and then being strong enough to say “no” (will-power) is the key.

Mrs Sheena Nassim, Head of Year 9 at Worth School, came to speak to the children about moving up to Senior Schools. She gave some excellent advice as well as tips from her year 9 children. Most importantly the Year 8’s were told to be themselves and allow peers to appreciate who they were. The children were also advised to be as kid as they possibly can especially when it comes to first impressions. There was an opportunity for the children to ask questions themselves about their worries which included what to do if they got lost! Mrs Nassim’s other top tip was to encourage the children to ask for help if they were unsure about anything! Very good advice.

Year 8 were lucky to visit the Houses of Parliament on Tuesday. The Education Services were brilliant! We were greeted with the news that we would be able to sit in Chambers and listen to a debate … we first thought the debate would be about sugar and food, but we just missed it. However we did listen to a few minutes of the Candian/EU trade agreement debate. Unexpectedly, Jeremy Corbyn was in chambers, listening to the arguments (who seemed more interested in his telephone!) It was great to see our MP, Jeremy Quin, stand to speak as well! There is so much history at the Palace of Westminster – we were lucky enough to meet one of the Doormen! He was telling us about his job – he is allowed to go to anyone’s office (including the Prime Minister), stand and talk to the Queen as well being one of the few people who has more power then the police inside the Chamber! After our tour, we went back to the Education Centre where we created our own parties, set and presented our mandates, then voted and elected MP’s! After leaving Westminister and a quick visit to the shop, we headed back on to the underground to Victoria Station to catch our train back to Three Bridges. What a great day!

Under the blazing London sun, Year 8 went back to London yesterday to The Globe to see “As You Like It” a Shakespearean comedy about love and confused identity. Many of the children were taken by Shakespeare’s somewhat cheeky sense of humour and they experienced what it was like to watch a play from the pit as groundlings. Standing for two hours is no mean feat! While some found the language difficult, all of the children certainly understood the actions and the gestures for some of the more comical scenes!

A great week for the Year 8’s and their Enrichment Programme which also included an election assembly with Year 6, Stage Combat and forsenic science afternoon to work out who ‘murdered’ the Headmaster!