Academic Topic Lists for Year 8/8S Autumn Term 2008

Please find below a brief list of the topics that your child will cover in the Autumn term. The list is by no means set in stone but I hope it will give you some idea as to what is being covered.

  • English: 
    Comprehension: Reading for meaning; reasoning and analysis; genre range: Shakespeare; play scripts; sonnets; descriptive poems; historical letter; research texts on Shakespeare.
    Composition: syntax, punctuation, grammar, writing range; blank verse; sonnets; critical writing and précis; discussion texts; literary essays for CE:
    Communication: speaking and listening; group discussion and debate; drama: performing play scenes/hot seating; multimedia skills: research project on Shakespeare
    Class Reader for term: Macbeth by William Shakespeare. York Notes for GCSE: Macbeth.
  • Maths: 
    8: Equations, factorising, area, volume, graphs, percentages, ratio, Sequences, transformations, probability, averages, fractions.  
    8S: Pythagoras. Circles, plotting parabolas, quadratics, simultaneous equations, algebraic fractions, percentages, factorising, probability, formulae, averages, inequalities, Venn diagrams, bearings, geometric proof.
    Science: Classifying materials. Patterns of behaviour..
    8: Revision of perfect tense. Talking about what you have done recently. Using expressions of past time. Using ce, cette, ces + noun. Buying drinks and snacks in a café. Using the verb boire. Choosing ice creams. Discussing what you like to eat and drink. Ordering a meal in a restaurant Describing a meal.
    8S: As above plus using the perfect tense of some irregular verbs. Asking questions in the perfect tense. Learning the negative form of the perfect tense.
  • Geography: 
    Completion of fieldwork projects. Settlement. Land use patterns in LEDC’s and MEDC’s to include case studies. Economic activities including tourism.
    8S: As above but to include essay technique and data response questions.
  • History: 
    8: The end of the 100 years war.
    Joan of Arc.
    8S: As above + Monastic Life.
  • R.E.
    8: Solomon. Amos. World Religions. Parables, crucifixion and resurrection.
    8S: As above but with greater depth. Answers will be in essay fornat.
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