First kayak of the day!


Children all back from cycling/ raft building and have showered and most have put on clean clothes! AM back on the basketball court with others getting hot & sweaty again playing soccer or volleyball!

Mr & Mrs Donald are helping their youngest daughter with the Sunday Times crossword via WhatsApp! Isn’t technology a wonderful thing!


Lunch over! Salad, cheese, cold meats, pasta, bread, fruit. AM showing off his skills on the basketball court, others playing volleyball of throwing a rugby ball around! 8LC about to go mountain biking. 8JC raft building!

Camp rules and then tents sorted to everyone’s satisfaction. Activity groups are Form groups. 8 JC are now kayaking and 8 LC are orienteering. The sun is shining so much that Mr & Mrs Donald are sitting in the shade!


Supper was nachos/cheese/ guacamole/ salsa etc. Followed by wraps or rice/chicken/ salad / fruit etc. Some impromptu dancing took place between courses – lots of girls up but also EC and HE!

Another birthday surprise for AA when the chef produced a birthday cake for him, then children went off for beach games. Staff all got together for some cheese & wine. It is interesting to listen to the staff from the East London school telling tales of most of his students not having been out of London before. All in bed by 10.00pm and fast asleep by 10.15pm.

Mrs D keen to get to sleep before Mr D starts snoring! Apparently she failed!

Tour de France
Raft Sinking
Raft building

Getting ready for the Tour de France!
Learning to tie knots!
Raft Floating