Happy birthday Mrs D!!!


The great egg drop game this evening, where teams of 5 have to compete with each other to gain points tat they can use to purchase “things” they can use to protect an egg when it is dropped from a height. Points for: best team name; set joke; best chat up line; most press ups on one minute; best dance moves etc.

“Are you Google because you are everything I’ve been searching for!”
” If you were on the KFC menu, I would order your thighs!”

JT-D is really coming into his own- reciting prose about axolotls, doing magic tricks and dancing! Respect.

Happy Birthday Mrs J!!!
Wrapping the eggs
Why has JA got Big Ears? Because Noddy wouldn’t pay the ransom!
The catch off for the eggs that survived the drop!
End Game!

4 out of 5 eggs survived the drop so two members of the team had to lay catch, getting further apart each time. JH and KS won – must be all the cricket catching practise! Children all getting ready for bed now after a good day!

Children have had far too much eggsitement, they have cracked up at the yokes, taken a dozen memories away to be scrambled in their memories! Perhaps the heat has fried them, but when apoached they boiled like soldiers in the Gulf! Oeuf to bed now as Donald has run out of egg gags. Hoping for a cracking nights sleep, with the sunny (side up) shining on the morning!


It is now raining and Donald “where’s your trousers” is considering finding a pair to put on!

Just been watching the SUP’s – should mean Standup Paddle Boarding – but in AA and SJ’s case, they didn’t stand up for long. IW is doing KPB – Kneeling Paddle Boarding. 

Donald has just heard from the centre manager that the big boss of Rockley is visiting tomorrow, so everything is being polished, every scrap of rubbish is being picked up, the toilet blocks are being pressure washed again, and there is a real buzz of excitement around the place. Donald wonders if the Copthorne Staff feel the same way when he visits their classrooms?


Donald up at 7.55 am all alone but by 8.00 team Copthorne we all up and rearing to go. Duty Staff wake them up and were surprised at how responsive they were – I’m not sure all Copthorne teaching staff have said the same over the last two years!!

During the staff induction yesterday one of the young Rockley staff introduced himself as the person responsible for heating the Lake and if the children thought it was too cold, they should speak to him and he would turn up the thermostat! This morning a group of Copthorne children were heard discussing going to ask him to turn the temperature up! LOL!

Jcaob is a Messi eater!
BB looking happy with food
Feeding time at the Zoo!

Joe and Harry with cheese
SUP (stand up paddle boarding)
SUP (stand up paddle boarding)
Sam no cheese